Premium Web-Site Design

Even in the last 24 months web-site design has transformed the way you’re found by new clients, and the way they conduct business with you.  A properly configured Internet web-site design, helps you conduct business, and build your professional presence online.

Now, we all know that the neighbour’s kid can build and design a web-site for you, right?  But does Junior know anything about SEO, analytics, Google Adwords etc?

The lack of a good web-site design just five years ago may not have made a difference, but today a web-site defines your prospects’ first impression. A whopping 78% of Internet users conduct product and company research online before making a purchase. They expect to be able to find everything and anyone online, which means a business like yours without an effective web-site, is a major cause for concern. It’s imperative in today’s Internet-obsessed age, where responsive web-site design and user experience, are critical influences for the person browsing.

Having an outdated web-site or poorly designed one can be even more detrimental than not having a web-site at all.  The goal of your professional web-site design is for prospects to contact and buy from you.

Choose us, to get your new online presence developed, and your web-site design will be to the latest standards and as a package will have, as follows:

  • It’ll be fully responsive – Google now insists on that, e.g. view this site on your mobile
  • It’ll be optimised properly for search engines – done correctly from day one!*
  • Fully customisable, i.e. you’ll have a login, you can change things yourself 🙂
  • It’ll come with Facebook, Twitter  and the like if wanted, plus we’ll organise a couple of hundred followers for you
  • It’ll have a dedicated blog section – we can turn it off until you’re ready to start posting updates
  • Hosting only $10 per month, billed annually
  • Email accounts (as many as you want/need), POP3 or IMAP
  • A couple of hours training on how to use the site/social media

* This is dependent on the volume of initial content which you make available to us.

Talk to us: 09 307 8020, text 022 307 8020